About Chocofountain

Why we do what we do

Markus and Samantha Warwick emigrated to NZ in the early 2000s, settling in Christchurch. Both took jobs in various industries and they started a family. Caught by the kiwi spirit of entrepreneurship, they started Chocofountain providing a range of top quality Sephra fountains and finest Belgian chocolate here in Canterbury. In 2011, after the Earthquakes, they decided to head back to the UK, selling just about everything before they went.

We knew Markus and Samantha from many years ago and, having just taken over a bouncy castle hire company, they asked if we would like to buy Chocofountain. The idea of always having at least 15kg of Belgian chocolate in the house appealled greatly and so, on the day Sam and Makus flew out, we took possession of Chocofountain.

Since then we have added to the machines avaiable and hired them out to all over NZ, although we tend to focus on Christchurch and the surrounds.

And, yes, we do eat chocolate a lot!

all prices are gst exclusive
unless otherwise stated



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